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Upland Geese

Just got back from Patagonia, Chile and have updated the site with a few pictures, I took about 2,300 so I have a lot of culling to do. The Upland Goose is a very striking birds and they were almost everywhere we went. Usually standing alone in pairs or singles. They pair up only for the breeding season and seeings as it is Spring in Patagonia they were about the business of nesting with the male standing guard.

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I have been an amateur photographer since my high school days in the late 50's. But it wasn't until I retired in 2014 that I have been able to focus on it seriously. Having a very supportive wife and family has made it all possible.


Costa Rica  2017

Chile   2017

I hope you enjoy what you see and Come back from time to time.

Costa Rica  2015



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