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This is a 1931 Ford Model A pickup that I purchased from my brother-in-law Scott Gryzb. I drove up to New Hampshire where Scott lives and picked it up in July of 2017. I towed it back to Delaware on a U-Haul trailer.The day after I got back I drove it over to the DMV and got it registered with no problems. The inspectors were more interested in seeing it then anything else as it only had to meet the standards in place when it was built and that was none.

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The first thing I did was to start getting it in shape for regular driving. Scott had primarly used it for the occasional parade and I remember him tell me that he had only put about 30 miles on it in the last two years so it sat in a garage a great deal of the time and needed some updating. One of the best ways to keep a vehicle of any age in shape is to drive it regularly. However, I may have gone a little overboard. It's now mid January of 2018 and it is still in the my garage is pieces. My plan is to have it ready to hit the road by Spring.

This is where I started.

Getting started. I pulled the steering column to replace steering gear box. The truck has a serious wobble in the steering. I'm pulling the alternator as well and replacing it with a generator. I also much prefer the look of earlier wood bed that Ford put in than this late 1931 wide bed truck which came with a steel bed. So I am going to do a conversion over to wood.

Update on progress

1931 Ford Model A