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1931 Coupe

Next project is to pull the engine, which will be fairly easy with the body removed, and then take it in for an overhaul. Once it is out and gone to the overhaul shop I'll start looking for someone to bead blast the frame. After that I can begin to rebuild the frame in preparation for reinstalling the engine.

February - 2019

Work continues on the coupe. The especially cold weather we had during late January did slow things down a bit but I've still managed to get a bit done. One thing that has really helped was having  a drop ceiling installed in the garage along with some LED lighting. The LED lighting has really lit things up so much better than the old florescent lights and the lower ceiling (there wasn't a ceiling before) has made a huge difference in getting the garage at least up to a workable temperature.

  I may be taking the coupe down to Tennessee in April to have the sub-frame pieces replaced during a workshop at  B. Terry Vintage Auto Restoration. I'll only be doing half sub-rails as the rails forward of the door are still in good condition. That will help a lot as it's much more work to do complete sub-rails. I now have the body ready to be lifted off the frame. Over the next few days I'll be building a wood frame dolly with wheels to set the body on to. It will enable me to move it around and to get at places I would other wise not be able to reach.

I've gotten the wood dolly completed and managed to get the body removed from off the frame by myself. All it cost me was a painful contusion on one finger. Now I'll be able to work on the holes in the firewall and begin to clean up the frame.

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