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Change in plans. I got in the last estimate on bead blasting the frame from the same company that powder coated the wheels on the pickup  and it is very reasonable. They won't bead blast but will do an aluminum oxide blast and primer it. They are scheduled to pick up the frame on Monday the 24th. Then I'll be able to paint it and start putting it back together. I also got the complete estimate from Schwalms and great news. The block is good to go for the overhaul. Only four heliocoils and a couple of small cracks repaired.

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Today I took probably the last step in disassembling the coupe. I removed the gas tank. It didn't make sense to take it this far apart and not make sure the gas tank was in good condition. I had already rebuilt the gas guage so it just needed to be removed first.  All I found inside the tank was a single edge razor blade. The tank looks like it was cleaned and coated on the inside some years back. There is a very minimal amount of surface rust in just a few spots . As it turned out the tank is in excellent condition.

1931 Coupe


I got the engine pulled and loaded onto my trailer Thursday the 14th.  On Friday I drove it up to Schwalm's Babbeted Bearings in Strasberg, PA for a complete overhaul. I probably won't get it back until June so I have plenty of time to work on the body and to get the frame ready for a re-install.

   After looking around a bit I found that getting it bead blasted was going to be too expensive so I'm just going to try and do the cleaning myself. I was able to move the frame outside and power wash most of the grease, crud and peeling paint off of the top and sides. I'm trying to figure out a way to tip it up on it's side so I can power wash the underneath side. I may try the front scoop on my tractor if the weight of the frame it's too much. Then I'll be able to work on the rust and get it ready to prime and paint.

Only problem is it's beginning to get a bit crowed in the garage with all the parts I have removed.



I have decided to replace the transmission with a rebuilt one from Snyder's . I initially wanted to go with a synchronized version from Mitchell's but in the end just can't justify the extra cost.


This is the first time I ever tried to do MIG welding. I've done a little ARC welding but the MIG is completely different but at least it's so much easier. I'm working on trying to save the mutilated firewall already there and not have to remove and replace it. There is a forum member that may be able to cut the part I need to fill the big hole in the firewall. I'll know later next week.

As you can see I did receive the needed piece and was able to weld it in and now have a good solid firewall.