1931 Coupe



   Over a two day period I began to paint and reassemble the frame only to find some parts that still needed removing.  As I began to connect things some of the new parts would not connect up correctly with old parts. Turns out at some point in the past parts of the brake system had been put on backwards and there was a good deal of rust inside the hubs so I decided to just replace the complete brake system. I'll have to send the old brakes drums and hubs out for overhaul. I did the same thing with my '31 pickup. I did complete the frame painting and after borrowing a spring spreader from a friend I got the new rear spring installed. Following that I reinstalled both the front and rear axle assemblies to the frame.

   Just a word about the rear spring spreader shown on the floor in the second photo below. To install or remove the rear spring a spring spreader is required. There is tremendous tension that must be released before the spring can be removed. The spreader is expanded out against the spring ends to ease the pressure on the shakle that connects it to the axle. Then the spring can be removed from the axle. Afterwards the spreader is slowly contracted completely releasing  the tension of the spring and making it safe to handle.  For safety sake you also must secure (chain) the spring to the axle during the removal process in case it should some how slip off the spreader. It can be very dangerous. The front spring is much simpler and safer to handle. No spreader needed.

3/26/2019 Update

The workshop in Tennessee has been canceled so I'm back to looking for someone to do or help me do the body work. I may end up having to take the body somewhere else for repair or, heaven forbid, do it all myself.

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I got the frame back from the media blasting and they primered it WHITE. Strange, but really doesn't matter as my next step is to paint it black. One thing the white did do was to make the cracks in the front cross-member really stand out. I've made repairs to the cross-member and am ready to begin painting and some assembly.

Well, we're into a new month. Not a lot going on as I'm waiting for several things to be returned. The motor is, of course, still in the shop being overhauled, still looking at early June for it's return, several parts are away being blasted that I am needing for reassembly of the frame and the brakes and hubs are out west being rebuilt by Randy Gross. The really BIG thing right now is what to do with the rusted sheet metal in the rear wheel wells. I have some feelers out but nothing definite yet. Like the firewall work I may reluctantly get pushed in to trying it myself. Below are just a few pictures that may be helpful to would-be body folks as I seek them out.

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