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I just want to point out the piece of plywood flooring you see in the photo below and how it has played a big part in the work being done. Because I have no specifications or dimensions to work with as I take things apart and begin to reassemble I have used that piece of plywood along with a lot of measurements for the placement of new metal. It was in the car when I bought it and it has served as a template for placement of cross members and sub-rails both laterally and longitudinally. I would leave a riveted piece attached on one end or side until I attached the other end or side to the new sub-rail or pillar before I cut the last old connection loose.  Yesterday I replaced the left door to check for fit and so far everything is lining up just fine.

Got a little work done yesterday while waiting for the rear backing plate bolts to arrive. The rumble seat latch connection needed some work. As you can see in the "Before" picture it is missing and in it's place is a big cutout. I cleaned up the cut and welded in some new sheet metal to attach the latch connection to. Lets hope it matches up with the lid handle when installed.

Later in the day I met up with a very nice gentleman in Havre de Grace, MD and bought a like new rumble seat back and cushion. It just needed some good cleaning and will work very well if I ever get the coupe back together.

1931 Coupe

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It turns out I'm going to have to cut the sub-rails further forward than I originally thought. This means I'll have to buy a full sub-rail and cut it to the right length. Fortunately Bratton's accepted the return of the half-rails and sent the the full rails I need.

I've cut out the left sub-rail and welded in the new one. Now I have to repair the left door rear pillar and reinstall it before I can move over to the right side. The really big issue is making sure alignments and dimensions are correct.

The new shocks arrived and they have been painted and installed.

The overhauled brakes have also come back and I have the front reinstalled along with the wheels and will do the rears as soon as the new mounting bolts for the backing plate arrive.

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I got the left side sub-rail and door rear pillar back together enough to begin work on the right side. It is in as bad a shape as the left side. I got the sub-rail cut and removed and the new rail temporarily in place. I will probably get it welded up tomorrow, I also got the rear outside cross member in place. It will help a lot in the alignment and leveling of everything. Below are a few pictures of today's work.