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The first thing I wanted to do was to get it in good shape for regular driving. It had only been used for the occasional parade with no real highway driving and I remember being told that it had only been driven about 30 miles in the last two years. It sat in a garage most of the time and needed some serious mechanical updating. One of the best ways to keep a vehicle of any age in shape is to drive it regularly.

This is where I started. Looks great but the mechanics of it need a lot of work

Getting started - The truck had a serious wobble in the steering which caused the steering wheel to shake violently and can be caused be a number of different things. Model A owners call it the "Death Wobble". So I began by pulling the steering column to replace steering column and gear box. In an effort to make it look more original I pulled the alternator out and replaced with a more age appropriate generator that is actually an alternator. Ford, beginning in mid 1931 started putting steel beds in their trucks. That makes this one what is called a "late 1931 wide bed" pickup. I much prefer the look of the earlier models that had a wood bed so I am going to do a conversion over to wood.

I am also replacing brakes, putting on new shock absorbers  (they were completely missing), and replacing the front and rear leaf springs.

Update on progress

1931 Ford Model A

Closed Cab Pickup

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This is a late1931 Ford Model A closed cab pickup. I purchased it in New Hampshire and  towed it back to Delaware on a U-Haul trailer.The following day I drove it over to the DMV for inspection and registration. The inspectors were more interested in looking it over than being overly concerned about what worked or what didn't work. It only had to meet standards established in 1931 and they were very few.


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