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Just an update on the pickup. I had to find a short in the turn signals as every time I used it the fuse blew. It turned out that the power wire from the battery had a minor cut that allowed it to ground out on the body. A little tape took care of the problem.  I also had  to remove and rebuild the gas guage.  Over time since I've owned the truck the gas guage had become more and more inaccurate and finally stopped working all together. As it turned out the cork float that makes the guage work had, after 88 years, become gas soaked and would no longer float. I had been using a drip stick to check the gas level but, it finally happened, I ran out of gas on the road. I now had to fix it. That particular day I had been very fortunate because I was in a location where I could just coast over to the shoulder and then on to a nice quiet side street and gas up with a can of gas I carry in the back. I was back on the road in 5 minutes.

The pickup is pretty much finished. It came out of the paint shop late Oct. 2018  and I've since added whitewall tires. I took it over to a local car show recently and it won a top 10 trophy.

The truck has been up at Mitch's Auto Service Center in Philadelphia. I did it this way rather than doing myself because there were special tools needed and technical skills for some of the work that I could not do. Mitch has done a great job and you can tell the difference just by looking at it. The new front and rear springs have brought it up to a nice level stance with no more leaning to the left. It rides much better due to the new springs and the addition of new shock absorbers. The brakes were also replaced and it feels much safer when stopping. There is still much I want to do as you will see from the pictures below.

1931 Model A Closed Cab Pickup