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It turned out that the main jet had come loose and finally dropped out completely. That caused fuel to overflow the carburetor resulting in our being stranded. Tightened the jet nice and tight,  put the carb. back on the truck and it's back to running great.

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When I bought the Coker whitewall tires for the pickup two of them came from one location (Florida) and three came from a second location (Houston). The three from Houston had a brown tint to them and I assumed that they just needed cleaning. A year later now and the brown did NOT clean up and has in fact gotten worse. Finally couldn't stand it any more and ordered up three new whitewalls with the threat that if there was even a hint of brown I'd be sending them back.


Took a ride yesterday with the wife to get ice cream and had my first breakdown that stranded us. Fortunately we were at a shopping center so plenty of parking places. The motor had begun to run badly and suddenly just stopped. An inspection of the engine immediately showed the problem. There was gas running out of the carburetor like it was an open water hose. I figured the float valve was stuck open but couldn't do anything to get it working. I was offered a ride home by a very nice gentleman that had stopped to look at the truck and brought back a working carb. and so we could finishe our drive home.


1931 Model A Closed Cab Pickup